Grave Miasma to tour Latin America with Bölzer following MDF, Chicago and LA dates

12 February 2016

Grave Miasma will join Bölzer for a number of dates in Latin America following an appearance at Maryland Deathfest, Chicago and LA in America. The dates in full are:
28/05/16 – Baltimore, USA (Grave Miasma only)
30/05/16 – Chicago, USA (Grave Miasma only)
31/05/16 – Los Angeles, USA (Grave Miasma only)
02/06/16 – Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
03/06/16 – Lima, Peru
04/06/16 – Salvador (BA), Brazil
05/06/16 – Santiago, Chile
06/06/16 – Buenos Aires, Argentina (Bölzer only)