Sepulchral Doom / Thanks

15 October 2013

Sepulchral Doom has truly been spread over Europe and we have now returned from the tour. Our deepest thanks and regards go out to Thomas and Sepulchral Voice Records, Nikos Giagoudakis, and Daniel of Killtown Bookings for making the whole thing happen, as well as to all of the promoters for bringing us over and for their hospitality, and of course to our brothers in Necros Christos and all the other bands we shared the stages with.

Finally, our eternal appreciation goes out to all those of you who attended the gigs and supported the Sepulchral Doom Over Europe Tour. We hope to see you all again very soon.

There is some remaining merchandise from the tour, with the exception of the tour t-shirt which will soon be repressed in a small quantity. Full details will be posted shortly.

Our next performance will be headlining the Siege of Limerick X festival at Dolans Pub, Limerick, Ireland on 27th October 2013.